Who is Baby Ugh?

Baby Ugh (short for Ughrelius) is a naughty little baby. He is frequently up to mischief and is often too clever for his own good. Whatever Baby Ugh wants Baby Ugh gets, which often makes his parents exhausted considering that he wants A LOT.

You’ll know Baby Ugh is on his way when you hear a grunted “goo goo.”

You’ll know you have something Baby Ugh wants when he reaches out with his stubby fat baby fingers and yells “gimme gimme.”

You’ll know Baby Ugh is hungry (and will very willingly take your food if you’re not careful) when you hear “num num.”

So watch out for Baby Ugh. He may be the next baby you see. And while your first inclination may be to think that here’s another adorable baby who’s not very capable of causing trouble, you’ll soon your lesson.