Baby Ugh’s Cousins

As if one troublesome baby wasn’t enough, Baby Ugh has quite a few cousins who often hang out with him. They don’t always get along; but they all do know how to cause trouble for adults.

Baby Whinecey is best known for her high-pitched whining. Everything always warrants whining — whether it’s because she’s not getting enough attention or she thinks someone else got more cookies than she did. It will pierce your eardrums like a needle through an avocado.

Baby Whinathan is Baby Whinecy’s brother and is equally known for his whining. While it may not be as piercing he makes up for it with his volume. He also tends to whine more about toys than food.

Baby Germania is rather gross. Somehow she always finds ways to spread germs, whether it’s wiping her snotty nose on door knobs or sneaking away to dig trash out of trash cans. As a result she has a fabulous immune system; but watch out, because spending time with her may make you sick.

Baby Coughens is Baby Germania’s brother. He’s always hacking and coughing — and very loudly at that. As a baby he never covers his mouth so the cough spittle tends to get everywhere.

Baby Pickenens always seems to have a finger up her nose. We’ll leave it at that.

Baby Boredon is a particularly special cousin of Baby Ugh’s due to his constant desire for boredom. Whenever something is too interesting he lets out a drawn-out and low-pitched “wahhh” to make sure everyone knows. Oftentimes you’ll see him with a paper bag over his head — in public it’s the one consistent solution that his parents have realized.